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B.C.Rich Script Logo - Spindelstock-Aufkleber

Thank you thank you so much! Totally appreciate the extras...excellent all the way around...found my decal store ????

B.C.Rich "R" Custom Shop - Spindelstock-Aufkleber

Great product! Great shipping! Great service! Thanks!!! Cool Headstock Decal Sticker!

Charvel "Gitarre" Made in USA Spindelstock Aufkleber Aufkleber

Good quality vinyl, great for a headstock.

Paul Reed Smith Headstock Decal Sticker

I ordered Paul Reed Smith stickers, my order was above and beyond what I was expecting as far as quality was concerned. I have a Indonesian made Paul Reed Smith"SE Custom 24". The guitar cost me almost $1,600 American. I was a bit upset that it did not say Paul Reed Smith on the headstock. So I ordered a sticker from you guys I sanded the old logo off, I fixed the paint underneath, I had it back to a bear headstock which was a burgundy color and it was perfectly shiny and absolutely look like it was bought from the store but it had no logo on it.I ordered a PRS sticker from you guys and I put it on there and it looks absolutely amazing. Next time I ever have to order any kind of sticker for any kind of guitar that I keep in my personal collection because I don't sell anything I keep everything I buy, I will deal with you guys again most certainly. You make a high-quality products for a great price and I could not ask for anything better. Thank you so much for such good service. I might add it was very expedient to which was very pleasing.

Ibanez "JEM" Spindelstock Aufkleber Aufkleber

great quality highly recommended

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