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Zombie hinter dem Glasblut Heckscheiben -Grafik -Aufkleber -Aufkleber -LKW SUV

John F.

Can this decal be made for a small vehicle (not a truck) I've seen it in a small pick up truck and looks great, I wanna know before I buy it if it would fit and look as great as it looks on a truck, thanks

Denver Broncos Fußball Heckscheibenaufkleber Aufkleber Pick-up-LKW SUV Auto 3

Curtis J.

I am having it put on in shop while truck is there. Have installed before trim work us tedious.

Rick und Morty 11 Heckscheibe oder Heckklappe Aufkleber Aufkleber Pick-up-SUV-Auto

Kristofor W.

Looks great good quality

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