America Hood Aufkleber Distressed Flag Aufkleber CJ YJ TJ JK Vinyl Aufkleber

America Hood Aufkleber Distressed Flag Aufkleber CJ YJ TJ JK Vinyl Aufkleber




specifications and description:

size: 34"x36";
quantity: 1 set of 1 decals
default color: BLACK
material:High quality Avery vinyl;
Others: Waterproof, Removable
America hood decal distressed flag Decal CJ YJ TJ JK Vinyl Sticker


Decal comes with application tape on it for easy installation.

You can choose any color that you need, Just leave us a note in checkout.

Needless to say, accessories are an integral part not only of everyone’s lives but also of the image they want to show and present to people when they go to conquer their city. An important part of your image is not only clothes and various things related to elements of wardrobe, but also, of course, your four-wheeled transport. The car itself creates the appearance of being an independent powerful man. But to perfect the appearance of your beautiful Jeep car, you need to buy something worth your expense and your attention. 

For example, we recommend considering the vinyl decal sticker that you can see at the picture. We would like to notice that there is nothing better than our accessories at the car's surface. There’s the thing you’d like to see in your car. This custom car sticker guarantees that you will be delighted to use this accessory. So you don’t have to lose your chance and great opportunities, and buy vinyl decal stickers already here and now.


Avery 500 matt or glossy (glossy default)


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