1976 - 1984 Jeep Renegade CJ5 CJ7 Decals Grafiken


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Material: High quality vinyl


Kit for 1976  - 1984  Jeep Renegade CJ5 CJ7 years made. You are bidding on an exact reproduction, American Motors / MOPAR Authentic Restoration Product decal kit for a 1976  - 1984  Jeep Renegade. This user-complete kit equips you with everything necessary to restore your vehicle to its original appearance. This kit is screen printed to match OEM colors and is the most accurate decal kit available.

You can choose any three colors. In the picture: 
1)  red; 
2)  orange;
3) yellow.   
This is the default color.



2 Renegade hood decals
1 Multi-stripe front hood decal
2 Front fender stripes
2 Body side stripes
2 Rear quarter panel stripes
Squeegee & instructions

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