3D SRT Passagierinnenraum HVAC Inlay für CHARGER Chellenger Powered by SRT Emblem Aluminiumteil


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Material: Aluminum badge
Standard Größe: Fits all 2015 and newer Chargers


3D SRT passenger interior HVAC Inlay for CHARGER Chellenger Powered by SRT emblem CNC Aluminum part

1 HVAC Inlay
Aluminum badge

According to the statistics, 100 percent of all people pay their attention to the appearance, color, and surface of the vehicle. Yes, this fact is really obvious. But during some time, it will have become a thought in your head like nothing special. CNC-machined aluminum badge is an extraordinary attribute for any type of car, which will have been make it wonderful. In our online store, we produced and collected only high-quality badges for your car. Here and now we tell you that we take a responsibility to our Metal CNC Badge. In fact, in the twenty-first-century metal car badge is absolutely on demand, so you have to get a move on. 

We use high-quality aluminum alloy, which allows us to produce the most accurate, durable and beautiful badges for cars on our CNC machine.
The picture shows the badge without painting, we can give it any color or paint a separate part of the badge with high-quality car enamel (by additional agreement).
We can make any logo or plate with engraving or milling of the inscription.
We can also make some car spare parts or tuned parts.


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