Schwarz Tacoma Berge und Bäume Metall Aluminium Abzeichen Bed Side Emblem Aluminium


Kit bestehen aus: 1 Badge
Material: Aluminium
Standardgröße: 13" wide


Quantity: 1 badge
Default size: 13" wide
Material: Aluminium
Has 3M scotch on backside

Every car owner probably would like to prefer to identify their “treasure”. More and more auto-lovers every year looking forward to new updates. If you ask yourself ever about whether you are worthy of the appearance of your car. It means that you have to rapidly solve that kind of trouble.
Car stickers for Toyota is the greatest decision for your mechanic friend. Different custom car stickers already in circulation among the consumers. What can be much more pretty or even brutal than vinyl stickers for Toyota cars? Here you have a super chance to try a new accessory for your automobile. We have different colours, sizes of our products for any possible cars. Decals for Toyota are reliable, high-quality outcomes. 

Waterproof and UV resistant.


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