Porsche GT2 RS Racing Seitenstreifen Für Carrera Seitenstreifen

Porsche GT2 RS Racing Seitenstreifen Für Carrera Seitenstreifen


Kit bestehen aus: left and right sides
Material: High quality Avery vinyl
Standardgröße: depend on model


specifications and description:

size: depend on the model choice

Our custom car stickers have many privileges, features and, of course, advantages over any other product, in principle. We create exclusively individual and unique stickers that will definitely get your eyes. The GT2 RS Racing Side Stripes For Carrera could be said to be a pearl. It has many different positive qualities that can play a role in the operation of the product. Start with water-tightness. It’s absolutely necessary, because without it, it would be quite difficult to drive under any weather conditions.
The next one is high quality. It’s understandable, because there’s no point in selling or buying substandard goods. There’s also one thing - the stickers are detachable, so if you want to swap for any of them - you have this opportunity. Well, the main privileges of our vinyl decals we have already said, each you'll see by using. Have a nice shopping!

material: High-quality Avery vinyl; 7 years warranty
Others: Waterproof, Removable




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